Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thomas pictures

Thomas comes around the bend.

Rylan, dad, and the star of the show, Thomas the tank engine. Rylan was too fascinated with the Thomas tattoo on his hand to look at the camera.

The conductor was nice enough to take a family picture for us.

Looking out the windows at some of the old trains on display at the museum.

Rylan meets the conductor of our train ride.

The conductor punches our ticket, just like in the movie, The Polar Express.

The guys meet Sir Topham Hatt.

Rylan at the old manual train switchboard. This is also the best shot I got of his cute train sweater, another great garage sale find.

Waiting in line to go inside the engine and ring the bell.

No, Charlton is not trying to throw Rylan out the window, and no, Rylan does not have rabies, although both seemed a possiblity in the midst of our toddler meltdown.

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