Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Potty training update #2....

Rylan has made some big steps forward in his potty-training. Last week at MOPS, he stayed dry the entire morning and even told his teacher he had to go to the potty. That was the first time he had actually told someone he had to go. Since then, he has rarely had an accident and is much more comfortable going in new places, stores, etc... A few days ago, I put away his little potty and decided to focus just on going in the real bathroom which he adjusted to right away. Only Caroline is bummed because she has lost her "toy".
Then last night, I was bathing Caroline and heard the toilet lid slamming downstairs. Rylan had gotten up from watching his movie and gone to the bathroom all by himself. I just heard him yelling for help getting his pants back on. I was so proud of him!
We are still working on going #2 in the potty. Twice he has told us and and actually pooped when we took him. Even though he isn't very consistent about it, he isn't as resistant as he used to be, so I feel like we are making progress.
I have decided potty-training is almost just as big of an adjustment for the parents as the child! Now I have to remember to schedule enough time before we leave to go anywhere to take him to bathroom. Wherever we go, I have to scope out the nearest restroom and brainstorm the best/cleanest/safest way to handle two kids and all of our stuff during the whole potty routine. I have to ration Rylan's liquids based on our distance from bathrooms. In many ways diapers are really so much more convenient. It does make it easier to be patient with his accidents when I realize what a huge change this is for our whole family. A huge change, and one more step for Rylan moving away from babyhood and really becoming a big boy.

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