Monday, September 7, 2009

Big mess!

I mentioned last week that Rylan has figured out how to get out of bed, turn on his light and play in his room when he wakes up in the morning. He has been really good about staying in his room with the door closed until mommy and daddy come get him. But that is where the "good" part ended on Friday morning. Here is what I saw when I opened his bedroom door...

Here Rylan looks on innocently while Caroline revels in the tangle of cassette tape. I have had those tapes for over ten years; I bought them when I was teaching the toddler Sunday school class at my church in college and had hopes of saving them for my babies. Haha, I just never imagined how they would be used. Oh well, I don't even have a cassette tape player any more, so bye-bye old relics...

P.S. Gotta love Caroline's mop first thing in the morning!

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