Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Balloon Classic

The hot air balloon classic is a Labor Day tradition in Colorado Springs. The balloons launch in the mornings, weather permitting, and "glow" in the evenings all weekend. We had a wonderful time at the glow last year, so I was looking forward to going back this year. A year made a big difference for Rylan. He was shouting and jumping up and down to see the balloons inflated and was awed to see the propane burners fire up into the balloons. Caroline was a little startled each time the burners would fire, and kept burrowing her head into my shirt. She just seemed annnoyed that we were keeping her up past her bedtime and then allowing bright, hot lights to shine into her eyes. I guess I don't blame her!

The burner fires and lights up the balloon.

This balloon was right in front of us. We could feel the heat from the burner on our faces.

A group of balloons "glowing."

A perfect hat for my energetic boy. He really does "keep going." There was an enormous pink Energizer bunny balloon, but we couldn't get a good picture of it all lit up.

Caroline gets a hug from Rylan.

Caroline and mom.

Caroline says she is done with all the pictures and wearing these stupid bunny ears.

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