Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rylan's play group

Two weeks ago, a couple of other moms from my MOPS group with two-year old boys started a play group. This week was our turn to host. I was disappointed because the weather was cold, windy, and damp and I had really been hoping to take all the kids outside to our park. So we had to play mostly inside instead, but still had a great time with lots of wrestling, running and chasing, motor noises, "gun fights" and other testosterone charged activities. Oh, and one crafty thing, making pumpkin maggots (magnets), as Rylan called them! After about an hour, when the living room looked like a tornado had blown through, we bundled up and headed outside to test drive all the trucks and lawnmowers. Even Caroline seemed to be energized by all the rough-and-tumble excitement and activity of the boys.

Caroline joins right in the fun with the boys.

Rylan and Dain waiting for Thomas to come through the tunnel.

Buzz Lightyear was a popular toy.

Caroline gets the tent all to herself for a few moments.

Three busy boys.

Rylan and Jimmy "driving."

Rylan and his buddy Jimmy.

Jimmy and Dain ready to go to "work."

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