Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring 2012 Zoo field trip

Today, Rylan's preschool class had a spring field trip at our wonderful Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo. We actually hadn't been to the zoo in about a year, so I was hoping it would be extra special for the kids. We were not disappointed. The weather warmed up beautifully, there were no crowds, and Rylan and Caroline were so excited. Rylan had a special class that siblings were unable to attend. So Charlton went to the class with Rylan where they fed watermelons to the hippos, and Caroline and I fed giraffes and looked at the gorillas and orangutans.

While we waited outside the zoo entrance, the restless and excited kids climbed all over this tree. I guess it was appropriate for a zoo, but it sure was funny to see about 10 preschoolers all trying to find a spot in the tree at once!

Ahh, the carousel.
Caroline was very excited at first, but towards the end she had a weird grimace on her face while she held on for dear life. She would lift the fingers of one hand to wave to me being careful not to let go of that pole! Maybe she was getting a bit of motion sickness?

There was a peacock or "peapock" as Caroline sometimes calls them in the gorilla enclosure. Caroline was fascinated by the handsome guy.
Good giraffe feeding pictures are hard to get. I wanted to get at least one of both my kids by the fence so we could compare to years past and see how they have grown. Caroline squealed and laughed with excitement the whole time she was feeding the giraffes.
We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sunshine at the playground. Three of Rylan's buddies were in the playground also and having the best time. I didn't even ask Rylan to eat lunch because he was enjoying running, hiding, exploring and fighting bad guys so much. I know he is really going to miss his friends when preschool is over, so we just let him play to his heart's content.
What a great day! We definitely need to make it back to the zoo before another year goes by.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rylan's orange belt

Almost a year after he started, Rylan earned his orange belt in karate on Friday night. He used to struggle with jumping jacks and now he is a jumping jack leader sometimes. He also speaks loudly and confidently when he is chosen to be seargent-at-arms for the prayer at the beginning of class. I am so proud of Rylan's hard work and the character traits he is developing. Big thumbs up, buddy. Way to go!
The students gave us a demonstration of their skills first.
Charlton gets to tie Rylan's brand new belt.
Applause for Rylan.

This month's new belt graduates.

Skating girl

In February, a MOPS friend had a skating party for her daughter's 3rd birthday. We had never tried skating before, so it was an adventure for us. Charlton buddied up with Rylan and managed about 2 laps (I think) around the rink. Caroline and I made one loop and she was quite DONE. I let go of her for about 2 seconds to catch this picture of her before she started to wobble. I didn't have my hands free long enough to take a picture of the guys. Oh well, there's a first time for everything.... Maybe when the kids are older, they will enjoy skating more.
Charlton asked Rylan why he was walking funny on the way to breakfast the other morning. Rylan replied, "I guess my leg overslept."