Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

One of my absolute favorite parts of fall is going to a pumpkin patch and this year, thinking about my love of farm life, we decided to go to a real farm with animals and pumpkins. We had the most wonderful time with beautiful weather and were able to enjoy all the fun activities with no crowds. The kids also had a blast, not a single tantrum to be had and it was just an all-around great time to spend together.

Sitting on an old wagon with pumpkins and hay.

Rylan gives Caroline a hug.

Caroline and Rylan.

I was glad to find some clean straw for Caroline.

Caroline loved feeling the textures of the straw.

This time last year, Caroline was in my belly that was about as big as a pumpkin! It was fun to see her at her first pumpkin patch.

Picking out a pumpkin is serious business for Rylan.

Rylan trying to find a pumpkin he could lift.

Charlton gives Rylan a helping hand with his pumpkin.

Rylan loved riding this barrel train.

Dad burying Rylan in the corn.

Afterwords, Rylan said the corn bin was his favorite part. It was funny to undress him at home and have to shake all the corn out of his overalls.

Can you believe the size of this pig? She was also a very mischeivous pig and let both the llama and ram out of their stalls in the barn while we were there.

Rylan found a bone in the field and realized it was a great tool for poking at the manure!

Charlton practiced roping and finally hooked the horn of this "calf."

"Sugar" gives Rylan a ride.

The whole family loved this hay slide. It was really fast!

Charlton spend a lot of time with this sweet camel who was raised by humans with a bottle. He has also appeared in church plays at Christmas!

I love this picture with my best boy.

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