Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Kentucky Derby Day!

Caroline got into the Derby spirit this morning wearing her horse onesie and cuddling her stuffed horse. The weather was very cold, foggy, and drizzling rain this morning, so it is a great day to stay inside, watch the race and of course, eat Derby pie.
We had a busy week with MOPS on Tuesday, visiting my Aunt Joanie on Wednesday, garage sale shopping, and a couple trips to the park. Charlton took Rylan to eat pancakes at McDonald's (old McDonald's per Rylan, like the song) on Tuesday for a special father-son time together. On Wednesday we visited my Dad's cousin, Aunt Joanie in Castle Rock. Rylan got to taste Dippin Dots ice cream for the first time and he loved it! I thought it was so funny because he won't eat regular ice cream, but he gladly opened his mouth like a little bird for Joanie to spoon the ice cream in his mouth. We thought it might spoil his appetite for dinner, but never fear, Rylan was still hungry enough to eat her cat's food! It was quiet for a few minutes, never a good sign, so when I went looking for my busy two-year old, I found him hunched over the bowls, popping kibbles into his mouth as fast as he could. So gross! We had this issue a year ago at Nana's house but we had talked about it so much, that I thought he had learned his lesson. I guess the Science Diet flavor was just too irresistable. Rylan also had fun playing with her cats, dog, and riding in her "elevgator."
On Friday we went garage sale shopping and hit the bonanza for Rylan. A family was selling their entire train set just like the one that Rylan got for Christmas. We got a great deal on "Percy", "James" and a cool engine with a crane named "Harvey". Now Thomas has some friends to share his track. I was really excited to get a cute Gymboree train sweater for Rylan for only $2. (This family was really into trains!) I think garage sale shopping on Friday might just be our new spring routine.

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