Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Tuesday fun....

I had some great entertainment while cleaning the kitchen after lunch. I gave Caroline a spatula and wooden spoon and she had a blast waving them around. I wish I had caught it on video, but at least I got a few good pictures. I had no idea she would have so much fun with them! (For all those wondering, it is not recommended to put the Bumbo seat on a counter top, naughty me, but I was watching her carefully the whole time.)

Sometimes when I am getting the kids ready for bed, Caroline is not too fussy to lay down with Rylan while I read his story. It is so sweet to see them cuddle together. I just happened to have my camera ready for the special moment tonight. As soon as Rylan saw my camera, he lept off the bed like he was on fire. The little stinker! It has been so hard to get a picture of him lately. I had to bribe him with more bedtime stories to get him back in bed next to his sister. And no, I have to admit it is not the first time I have stooped to bribery to get pictures. M&M's work great for that, also! :-)

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  1. Cute! I did the bumbo on the counter too--Mom of the Year, that's me!