Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Some of the beautiful tulips in front of our house. They were blooming when we moved last year and were part of the first view I had of our new house. They are a lovely reminder of that special time in our lives and of Mother's day.

Again, I only was able to get a Mother's day picture in front of the tulips with one of my babies. My big boy ran at first sight of the camera and couldn't be convinced to come back!

Rylan was more cooperative in this shot of my beautiful roses.

My sweet smelling roses and even sweeter children, the best part of Mother's Day. I actually got called off work the night before, so I got to stay home with my family and go to church on Sunday. Charlton granted my wish to get a salad from Chili's and we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at home. Besides my roses, Charlton also steam cleaned my carpets for me.
But he really went over the top by getting my engagement ring re-mounted. After almost 10 years, the band was wearing thin, one prong was badly bent and the rest of them were also looking worn. The finished ring is absolutely beautiful and looks better than new. And if the ring wasn't good enough, Charlton presented it to me by dropping to one knee and proposing again. How could I resist! I never thought Mother's Day could be so romantic. Thanks honey for all your thoughtfulness. I feel so blessed.

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  1. AWW! What a great story and a great guy! Your photo of the tulips is awesome! It looks professional!