Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chocolate donuts

On Sunday, Charlton brought home a special treat for breakfast, chocolate donuts! After Rylan ate his eggs and fruit, we let him have his chocolate iced donut with sprinkles. As you can see from these pictures, he demolished it. At one point I teased him and pretended to try to eat a bite of his donut. He gave me such a fierce look and said very firmly, "No, mommmy, eat your own donut!"
We spent a nice day together before Charlton had to leave for his camping/hiking trip to Wyoming, or "Wyone" as Rylan calls it. We sure miss Daddy, but planned fun things to do to stay busy while he is gone; trips to the park, zoo, and to see friends at the playground.
Rylan has kept me cracked up with some of his sayings. I called him my "Lightning McQueen boy" the other day to compliment him on his speed, and he looked at me and said, "No, I'm your honey bun, and Caroline is your sweet pea." Last night, he was slowing down on eating his supper and I overheard him talking to his vegetables, "Once upon a time, there were three little carrots...."
We have been enjoying several of our library books lately, especially one called "Building with Dad" and "If you give a mouse a cookie...." We have read them so much that Rylan almost has them memorized. He also likes hearing a book of children's stories that Charlton had when he was a little boy, hence the three little carrots! I never realized how many of those children's stories involved three characters, bears, pigs, billy goats gruff, and I am sure there are more...
Caroline will be six months in just a few days, so I will post more pictures and stories about her then.

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