Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today was a memorable day and not just for the traditional reason. Rylan pooped in the potty for the first time! Yeah! He was making faces at dinner time, but there were still no results by bath time, so I decided to lock ourselves in the bathroom with the portable potty and pray for a miracle. Then the stink got so bad I had to turn on the fan and finally open the door and a window. Too many black beans for Rylan lately. He was taking his dear sweet time and seemed content perched on his throne, so I popped next door to get Caroline in her pajamas. Several times I heard a little voice pipe out, "mom, I pooped in the potty." Rylan has been known to cry wolf, so I didn't get my hopes up. Finally the moment of truth arrived, Rylan hopped up from the potty and eureka, we had results! Charlton and I both did ridiculous "happy dances" and Rylan was rewarded with M&M's and a sticker of his choice. It was fun to be able to praise him so much for an accomplishment that we have talked about and hoped for for a long time. I know this is only the beginning of a long road to being fully potty-trained, but it was a huge encouragement for me. I am hoping it was a really positive learning experience for Rylan, too, and he will want to keep trying.
We also had a really nice Memorial Day. Before the afternoon deluge, we managed a few hours to walk around Old Colorado City for Territory Days. Then we went back to Xan and Jayne's house for a cookout with the guys from the Training Ground group. I was so totally surprised at what a nice afternoon it turned out to be. We ate lunch, then Rylan crashed on the floor for his nap, and Caroline fell asleep on the guest bed upstairs. It was such a treat to be able to relax and visit with the other wives especially after having just the kids for company all week.
I'll leave you with a video of Rylan's big moment..

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