Thursday, April 14, 2011

Water balloons

Rylan is wearing another pair of mismatched pajamas as his "armor" today. Caroline? Well, I'll explain more about that later, but as you can see, she is just half-dressed. Her little bare bottom looked awfully cute covered in different pastel shades of sidewalk chalk!
Rylan earned these water balloons as a prize for behaving while his toenails were being cut. He is very good about fingernails, but cutting the toenails is a huge battle every few weeks. I know he is completely overreacting and just needs to learn some self-control, but this past time, I thought I would try to reward him for controlling himself and sitting still. The promise of a small prize worked, and thankfully he was thrilled with these $1 water balloons we found at the grocery store. Caroline enjoyed them too, another bonus.

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