Sunday, April 24, 2011

Basket hunt

After church, I had a scavenger hunt planned to help the kids find their Easter baskets. Caroline had no clue what this was all about, but Rylan was excited as we helped him figure out each clue. Finally he found the big prize, hidden in the dryer! My parents usually had scavenger hunts for us and it was another of my best memories of Easter.
I bought new Easter "buckets" for the kids this year because they had outgrown the baskets we used for them as babies. I found the plain blue bucket for Rylan at Hobby Lobby and ordered the vinyl decals from a great store on Etsy. Rylan is crazy about frogs right now. I couldn't find the same bucket in a girl color, so I just had to order Caroline's whole bucket from another store on Etsy. I thought they both turned out really cute and were definitely roomy enough to store their Easter treasures.

Charlton and Rylan reading the clue to determine their next step.

Caroline has a mouth full of Hershey kisses and is a happy girl with her movies and Rapunzel doll.

Rylan tore himself away from his Ironman transformer to humor me with this picture.

Thanks to Grammy for the kids' wonderful Easter gifts. They were a huge hit!

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