Sunday, April 24, 2011

Journey to Jerusalem and Egg Hunt

On Saturday our church fellowship hall was transformed into a Jerusalem marketplace. They did such a great job with decorations and making all the tents filled with interesting things for kids to do. I enjoy all the Easter egg hunts and candy, but I also want my kids to know the most important meaning of Easter. This was such a fun way make the time of Jesus' life come alive.

Rylan enjoyed trying out the interesting musical instruments.

The guys created a clay pot at the pottery station. There was even a women demostrating the pottery wheel. So fascinating!

Caroline loves play-doh, but wasn't too interested in making a pot. She was kind of shy and clingy to me the whole time, except when she saw some of her favorite teachers from MOPS and Sunday school. Then she came alive waving and shouting to them! It was funny to see her excitment at recognizing someone in the crowds of strangers.

Caroline loves this sheep that is usually on display in the child classroom areas.

Several women were making traditional unleavened bread. The kids received a ball of dough to press on the olive oil covered mold, and then sprinkle with seeds on the pan. They even were baking that bread in the church kitchen nearby. We could smell the wonderful aroma and even taste the fresh hot bread.

Finally, the Easter egg hunt. It didn't start until 12:30, so we were all hungry, tired, and cold.
But, we just couldn't miss it, especially with our new Easter pails to try out.

We have been having practice egg hunts all month, so Caroline was all business.

It was painfully cold, as you can tell from Rylan's face, but he was proud of his "haul."

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