Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gardening with Mrs. Yvonne

You know spring is getting closer when our neighbor and Rylan's "3rd grandma", Mrs. Yvonne, starts working on the beautiful garden in her backyard. Rylan was so excited to be invited over to "help" water the new flowers. Are you guessing this is early in the morning by looking at Rylan's clothing? Actually it is lunch time and Rylan is not still in his pajamas. I did dress him that morning and he is already on his 2nd or 3rd clothing change of the day. Lately, his Buzz Lightyear pajamas are his favorite "armor" (his name for his clothing) to wear. I had to use some diplomatic skill on laundry day to get him to finally let me wash them. I am not crazy about having several pairs of clothing strewn all over his room from all the costume changes, but I know this stage won't last forever, and I am glad to see him getting so much practice getting dressed. This was a skill that he was reluctant to learn and brought a lot of frustration for both of us, so I just try to look at it in that perspective.

Rylan looks like he is getting excited discussing some of the finer points of horticulture with Mrs Yvonne.

Maybe a little costume adjustment needed?

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