Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

......but our living room is delightful. Don't you just want to stop by for a cup of hot chocolate, sit in our comfy chairs beside the tree with twinkling lights and warm your feet by the fire?
Last year we put our tree upstairs because we just couldn't think of how to place it in the living room. With a new baby in the house, I was just thankful to have our tree decorated.
We trimmed the tree last week, placed in upstairs by the window and I just kept thinking how the only time I ever saw it was as I was bathing the kids at night and putting them down for bed. It just didn't seem like Christmas without being able to enjoy our tree. At 10:00 at night on Saturday, I figured out how we could arrange the furniture and told Charlton my brilliant idea. I can't thank him enough for humoring me and hauling that completely decorated tree all the way downstairs so I could truly savor one of my favorite parts of Christmas. It must have been a comical picture to see us struggling with the awkward branches around the bannister, trying not to break the ornaments or make the bells jingle too loudly and wake up the kids. I was laughing so hard at the craziness of it that I could barely stand up and wasn't much help.
Rylan woke up the next morning and was amazed that the tree was now downstairs. "Look at my tree!" Our living room looks totally Christmasy now, and I am loving my cozy evenings downstairs.

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