Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas parade

We have had several days of snow and frigid weather. Saturday was relatively balmy with a high in the 30's so we braved the cold for the Colorado Springs Christmas parade. The themes of the parade was Festival of Lights, so the floats were very pretty and well-lit, many of the band members decorated their instruments with lights, and even the greyhounds wore lights on their blankets. I felt really sorry for those poor dogs, no extra fat or fur to keep them warm.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the parade when we were all relatively warm. Note the enthusiasm on the kid's faces. They look like they are ready to disown their parents for bringing them out into the arctic to freeze to death. I couldn't take pictures with gloves on, so this is the only shot of our wonderful experience. I ended up holding Caroline for most of the time and bribed Rylan to stay in the stroller with a cup of hot chocolate. After an hour, suffering from numb toes and noses, Santa finally appeared and we were free to make the dash to our warm car.

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