Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bethany's graduation

On Thursday, I flew up to Kentucky for my sister Bethany's graduation from nursing school. She has persevered through many challenges and obstacles to reach her goal and I am so proud of her. I am probably biased, but nursing graduations are a little more special than just your average end of school celebrations. One of the unique aspects of the ceremony includes the pinning, where a friend, family member, or other nurse presents you with your school's pin. Bethany gave me the honor of pinning her and I was very pleased that I didn't trip or stab her with the pin! Now she just needs to pass her nursing boards in the next month, and then she can start her new job. She actually has several job offers and will probably accept one in an adult ICU. We are excited to have another nurse in the family.

My kids were acting like the sweetest angels the few days before I left for my trip. They certainly weren't acting like that when I booked my tickets, the little tricksters! That made it hard to leave them, but I thoroughly enjoyed my short vacation. I haven't been able to sleep in, just relax with no responsibilities, and have un-interrupted conversations like that in years. I also haven't been home at Christmas time since Rylan was a baby, three years ago, so that was also very fun and brought back memories.

I had a great time, but was glad to see my husband and babies on Sunday. They did very well in Daddy day care, even Caroline didn't act that interested in seeing me. Later in the day, she called me "mama" for the first time, so I forgave her. I had to go to work on Sunday night and sleep most of the day Monday, so I am just now starting to get back into the routines of being home. We are all ready for Christmas now and just hoping for some snow to make it even more perfect.

On Friday, we enjoyed a ladies day out with lunch at Applebees. It was a special treat for all of us sisters and Grandma to spend some time together.

Bethany and my proud parents.

Three sisters.

All five siblings together. That doesn't happen often, so I'm glad we got the picture to prove it!

Martha, if you read this blog, I'm sorry I included this picture with your eyes closed. I just had to share this picture of the three nurses in the family. I was so bummed I didn't think to bring my nursing pin, so we could all truly match.

On Saturday the weather was was drizzling and barely above freezing. That didn't stop Bethany from "retiring" her nursing school clinical apron in a special ceremony, involving a shotgun. I think it is time to call the code on that garment.

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  1. Sara how fun for you to get away.. its amazing what a refreshing time away from your precious babes can do. I am glad you got to go home.. What a treat.. Merry Christmas my friend...