Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soccer Camp 2011

Our church sponsors a soccer camp each summer and Rylan went for the second time this year. It runs for a half an hour each morning for one week and the coach, Mr. Steve Long is funny, energetic, and great with the kids. Rylan had a few rough days at camp and a few great days. It was neat to see his coordination and attention span improving as well as his kicking and ball handling skills.

Not sure about giving me a smile. He did ask me to cheer for him, which I did whole-heartedly and loudly. I have a feeling I will be a great embarrassment to him in the not so distant future and he will most definitely NOT want me to cheer for him. I decided to make the most of my opportunity to show my proud parent spirit!

This was the best shot I could get of the Clarke men. Sorry to Charlton for making you squint in the bright light and catching you with your eyes closed.

I got a few really fun action shots.

Coach Long asked Rylan and his friend Dain to be his partners in a chasing game on the last day of camp.

Love that smile!

The camp was next to a really big playground, so we often stayed later for some time on the teeter-totter, swings, and slides.

This little gal is already practicing for next year! Coach Long is very thoughtful about including the younger sibs even though she isn't technically old enough to be an official camper.

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