Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day

We had a really nice Memorial Day weekend, with some warm, but windy weather. Charlton had a class all day Friday and Saturday and I had to work Monday night, but we squeezed a cookout and some relaxing time in between.

My cute cowgirl! Rylan refused to look at the camera, so I couldn't get a picture of both my kids in their patriotic clothes on Sunday mornings. I made this dress for Caroline last summer, purposely a size larger so she could wear it this year. When I put it on, I was amazed. I knew this girl had grown taller, but she had almost grown out of the dress! I tied the shoulder straps as loosely as possible and it was modest enough to wear to church, but my goodness!

We ate our first sweet corn of the season. The kids had fun helping me shuck the ears. Caroline wanted to taste hers fresh from the cob!

Yumm! You want some too?

Rylan loved corn on the cob when he was Caroline's age. He wasn't as much of a fan this year, but maybe it will grow on him. I know we will be eating lots more this summer.

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