Monday, June 6, 2011

It was a great day for the pool....

Finally, we had a day warm enough to enjoy the outdoor pool. After a long day of driving and hiking, we grabbed our swimming gear and headed for a day of sun and splashing.
We had a wondeful time for the first 20 minutes. Both kids gradually made their way to the deeper area of the kid's pool and seemed very comfortable in the water. Caroline is very adventurous in the water as in every other area of her life and she has already started putting her face in the water. I stay really close to grab her in case she gets too deep, but she always bobs up and down with a smile on her face even if there is some sputtering and coughing.
At one point, she coughed especially hard and I noticed a pinkish tint to the water in front of her. Then another gag, and the cloud grew larger with some definite particles. I recognized the blueberries we had eaten for breakfast now floating in the pool water.
The nice lady dangling her legs on the side of the pool exited in record time. I grabbed my daughter and shame-faced, notified the lifeguard of our unfortunate upset stomach in the pool. The head lifeguard, an older man, was hardly sympathetic as he gave a big groan, blasted his whistle and evacuated the entire pool. At 11:00 in the morning. On a Saturday. At least a hundred people derailed in their enjoyment of family time at the pool. For an entire hour.
Caroline, for the record, was absolutely fine. It was not a stomach bug. As I have suspected for quite some time, she has inherited the hyper-active Monroe woman gag reflex. I have a feeling we have not experienced the last of it.
I gathered our things, trying to sneak out with a shred of my dignity intact. Rylan, the newscaster, was making the rounds up and down our row of chairs. "My sister just puked in the pool! Can you believe that? Now they have to clean out all the blueberries."
We may never be able to go back to the pool again. If we do next month, I will be cutting and dyeing my hair and we will all be wearing new bathing suits. And Caroline will be wearing some gigantic water wings to keep her head a foot above that water.

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