Monday, June 6, 2011

My favorite place

I love Rocky Mountain National Park. Any season of the year, it is always different and so beautiful. I was solo parenting again this past weekend and decided to take the kids up and just play and enjoy the spring scenery.

We had a nice time, although the drive always seems longer then I remember, especially on the trip home. Caroline turned into a mountain goat and gave me heart palpitations every few minutes with her exploits. We had lots of screaming fits as I had to drag her off granite rocks at least a dozen feet of the ground. She had no fear! At one point some hikers were staring at me as if I was torturing my screaming child. I had to explain she was mad because I wouldn't let her climb the steep rocks as high as she wanted. Rylan has much more endurance hiking, but he is terrified of bees or any winged insect that even remotely resembled a bee, so that was a bit of an issue.

All in all, we had a good day and I felt successful in that none of my children fell in the freezing cold creek, or fell off a huge granite rock. Oh how your expectations change when you have kids.

There was still plenty of snow and ice on Bear Lake at 9,000 feet.

Rylan striking a surfer-like pose. I think he was standing on at least a foot and a half of packed snow!

The kids loved crossing this log bridge. There was only a dry stream bed underneath, so no worries for mama. They both loved throwing rocks in the real stream.

Bethany and I hiked this same trail (to Cub Lake) in February and it was covered by feet of snow. We were at fairly low altitude, so no more snow here like there was at Bear Lake.

The best part of hiking was eating a picnic on the rocks.

We were all exhausted after our day of fresh air and sunshine in the mountains.

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