Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kentucky Trip 2011

We arrived home sweet home early this week. after a great trip to visit family in Kentucky. We had a safe, uneventful drive, warm summer days, healthy kids, and lots of quality time with extended family, so it was definitely a successful trip. I downloaded 180 pictures onto my computer, so needless to say, it will take me a few posts to even get the best ones on the blog. The kids had fun on our trip last year, but Rylan was definitely overwhelmed by all our family, most whom he didn't know well. He was pretty much one big meltdown most of our trip. What a huge difference this year! He actually really enjoyed playing with his close-in-age cousins and remembered his aunts and uncles from other trips. Caroline was much more manageable as a 2 1/2 year old than an 18 month old and there were many more blessed moments when the cousins were playing contentedly with each other and the adults could sit and talk.
The best part for me was seeing the kids enjoy all the wonderful parts of farm life, many of which I loved as a kid. I am so thankful for loving extended family and to have such a beautiful, and fun place to take my children. I really think my parent's farm is the next best thing to Disney for Rylan and Caroline. So here goes Kentucky vacation, June 2011...

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