Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rylan's new ride

By the time Rylan figured out how to pedal his trycicle, he had practically outgrown it. We really wanted to give him an opportunity to learn how to ride a big-boy bike and build his confidence on it while the weather was nice this summer. Charlton and Rylan had a guys-only outing on Monday where they stuffed themselves on a seafood platter at Red Robin (inspired by their new favorite show "Swamp People"). Afterwords, they picked out this beauty of a ride.

He was going so fast, he just about rode out of my picture. I love the smile on his face.

Concentrating really hard on pedaling. The training wheels allow the bike to tilt a little from side to side, which has been kind of scary for Rylan. He still isn't convinced the bike won't completely tip over, and doesn't want us to take our hands off him. I am sure he will get more comfortable with time and practice. Meanwhile, Rylan was happy to officially give his tricycle to Caroline, who was thrilled. I'll have to get some pics of her next. She doesn't pedal yet, but can move those legs and propel herself with no problems.
We are busy with soccer camp every morning this week and have enjoyed some pool time, too.
I have to share this crazy story today. We saw our favorite nurse practitioner, "R" at the pool and enjoyed chatting. She asked Caroline how she was doing and my little girl surprised me by making a pitiful face and announcing "I'm sick." I just laughed, because Rylan is usually my hypochondriac and loves to tell people he is sick when he is perfectly fine. Caroline had been a little less active in the pool that morning, but otherwise had no symptoms. "R" told me things are not as busy at the pediatrician's office after a late strep season had ended, although there was a fever virus going around. I said I didn't think we had a single visit since our well-child appointments last fall and was so glad for healthy kids. Well.... guess who went home, took a 3 hour nap and woke up with a 101.7 fever? Next time I will remember my nurse superstitions and bite my tongue! And maybe I will actually listen to my little girl. It seems she knows what she is talking about.

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