Saturday, May 28, 2011

Show Week for Caroline

Thursday was Caroline's show week at Little Gym. She behaved very well for the most part and the whole family had fun together. The theme was patriotic, so I made her a twirly skirt out of some leftover 4th of July themed fabric. I wanted to applique a matching shirt, but evidently plain white toddler t-shirts (not boys' undershirts) are scarcer than hen's teeth in Colorado Springs. I struck out at 4 different stores, so ended up with a plain white ruffly t-shirt, because by then it was too late to order anything.

I thought she looked awfully cute anyway.

She was thrilled about this parachute ride!
What are you looking at?

Caroline's name was the last to be called to go up to the podium to receive her medal. She did not wait patiently.

Finally, Caroline's moment to shine.

Is this real gold? Caroline wanted to sleep with her medal on Thursday night. I told her she could sleep with the medal in her bed, but not around her neck because she might choke. After I had given those rules, she grabbed the ribbon, pulled it tight around her neck, stuck out her tongue with gagging noise, and said, "See, mom, I 'toke (choke)." I felt like she was taunting me. So sassy.

Class picture #1. Pretty amazing to have all 8 kids looking at the camera. And yes, my daughter is the one who decided to chew on her ribbon.

Class picture #2. The better one of Caroline.

Show week was also fun for Rylan, who enjoyed getting to play on some of the equipment and show off the skills he remembered from his class. I can't remember when I was this flexible.

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