Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden of the Gods, March 2011

Caroline's worried face. The progression on these pictures cracks me up. She wasn't as bold about climbing on this visit as she usually is.

I can't remember why she made this face. It looks like she touched a sharp rock or something.

Rylan, posing and looking every inch the cool big brother. Both kids spent a lot of time running on trails, and hiding in the bushes. I was glad I had dressed them in brightly colored clothing, cause I had some trouble keeping up with those little explorers.
And I have to confess something else, I had another reason to go to Garden of the Gods besides enjoying beautiful scenery and running some energy off my kids. The Duggars were in Colorado Springs last weekend and I was hoping for a sighting of their extra large family. Focus on the Family had a special event and book signing for them, but the tickets sold out quickly. I had a hunch they might also tour one of Colorado Springs' most famous landmwarks and it turns out they did, just not at the same time as we did. Oh well... At least we got some fresh air and beautiful scenery and I had two snoring kids in the back of the car on the way home.

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