Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Caroline loves her big-girl room. Today she shooed me out the door, "Get out my room mommy, off-limits!" She is 2-years old, going on 12!

On Friday, I took the kids to play at the mall playground and on our way to eat lunch, Rylan announced his menu selection.
Rylan: I want a cheeseburger, Mom.
Me: Are you positive?
Rylan: Yes, cheeseburger, please.
Me: Really, you have never eaten a cheeseburger before.
Rylan: I'm sure I want a cheeseburger.
Me: You know, a cheeseburger has, like, meat on it?
Rylan: Oh, no,no,no,no. Never mind. I want chicken nuggets.

On Saturday, I was sick with a cold and exhausted from single parenting two busy kids. So, of course I decided I also desperately needed a haircut and decided to brave taking both kids with me. We drove the two minutes to Great Clips loaded with a bags of cereal treats and small toys for both kids. Rylan sat on the chairs in the waiting area and I parked Caroline right next to me in the booth. Bless their hearts, those kids were absolute angels! They ate their snacks and didn't make a peep for the entire 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I got a tickle in my throat and was trying desperately not to cough and turn my haircut into a disaster. My haircut turned out great although I still looked a sight with wet hair, no make-up, red-rimmed bloodshot eyes, with huge bags underneath. Rylan looked at me as I quickly hid behind a hat and sunglasses. "Mommy, you look like a princess!" What a precious boy to cheer up his mama's heart.

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