Thursday, March 10, 2011

The boy

Our new "bean box". The whole concept of keeping the beans in the box was kind of impossible, but nothing that a little broom action couldn't fix. Rylan wanted to see what the beans felt like on his bare feet.

Rylan Daniel Boone Batman. This hat used to belong to Charlton when he was a little boy.

Sitting in his "thinking" tree, thinking deep 4 1/2 year old thoughts on a spring-like day. The morning the sun was shining brightly as we loaded into the car to go to the grocery. Rylan exclaimed, "What a beautiful day! Today is mother's day." Yes, sweet boy, it sure was!

Spiky hair! Rylan's requested hair-do this past Sunday. We are letting his hair grow out a bit, so the effect was quite dramatic.

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