Thursday, March 3, 2011

1st Week of March

Rylan and Caroline love their bubble baths! They also like to make funny faces decorated with bubbles.

They are so fascinated by watching videos of themselves on Youtube on Charlton's iPad. We love hearing them laugh and get so tickled by their own antics.

What a wonderful and strong big brother to give Caroline tractor rides! We loved soaking up the sunshine and fresh air this morning. It is supposed to snow on Friday, so I am glad we thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors while we could.

Rylan being a work-horse and missy Caroline loving her free ride. The kids have been so sweet and loving to each other lately. They still will fight passionately, but I am amazed and love to watch their attachment to each other. Rylan is very protective of Caroline, especially if he thinks we are going to discipline her, and whenever they are separated they race to each other and hug. Caroline hurt her finger the other day while I was busy cooking dinner. I gave her a quick check, kissed the boo-boo for good measure and kept on working. Rylan heard her crying and came running to check on her. He gave her a huge hug, reminded me that she was "hurt",
comforted her in his kindest voice, and even asked her if she wanted an ice pack! Wow, I felt like a neglectful mama. I am so glad they have each other and hope they will always be good buddies. I always thought it would be cool to have an older brother and I think Rylan is going to be great at watching out for his sister as they grow.

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