Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bed time stories

To say that Caroline loves her new room is probably an understatement! Throughout the day she will sneak away and I often find her playing in her room. One of her favorite activities is "reading" books on her bed. I have given up on putting her books back on her bookshelf until the end of the day, because she is constantly taking them off to read. One day this week when the windows were open, I caught her sitting on her bed just gazing out the window and watching the world go by below! The transition has been really easy. She actually is excited about being tucked in for bedtime and naps and if she does get out of bed, she stays in her room and puts herself back in bed pretty quickly. Charlton made a white stepping stool for her and that has definitely helped with the climb. I am planning on painting her name and some flowers on it to match her room.
The only minor problem we have been having is that Rylan loves to go wake Caroline up in the morning. No big deal, except that this is usually sometime around 6 am, a little too early for the rest of us. I have had to keep Caroline's door closed after I go to bed, otherwise we will be hearing the thundering of little feet and lots of squeals and laughter before the sun is up.

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