Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caroline was busy in her room for a long time last night. She was being quiet and I figured she just needed some time to wind down from her busy day, so I didn't fuss at her. When I was finally ready to go to bed, I peeked in on her one last time. She was almost asleep (at 9:30, mind you) but I noticed something strange on her pillow. It was an enormous pile of wet wipes! I was so shocked I actually turned on the light and asked Caroline how the wipes ended up on her pillow. The container was closed, securely up on her dresser, and there was no tell-tale trail leading to her bed, or sign of anything she had moved to reach that high.
Caroline's reply? "It was an acc-sick (accident)."

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  1. James has all kinds of "accidents". Every time he hits his brother, it was always and accident.