Monday, April 5, 2010

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

On the Tuesday before Easter, we had record high temps in the 70's. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful warm day to have an egg hunt in the backyard. While the kids napped, I hid the eggs and we started searching when they woke up. We told Rylan all the pink and purple eggs were for Caroline and he could have the rest. Rylan was so excited, he kept exclaiming how much he loved us and how this was so much fun! It was sweet to experience his joy, especially because I don't think he could remember having an egg hunt before. Last year, we had snow on Easter and the weather was so cold/wet we never were able to have a real egg hunt outside. I learned my lesson and decided we wouldn't miss out this year. Caroline wasn't sure what all the excitement was about, at first. Then Rylan handed her a few eggs, we showed her the chocolate cheerios inside, and she was hooked! She figured out how to crack the eggs open all by herself and would literally squeal with delight whenever she found a new egg.

Rylan finds a few eggs in our apple tree.

He spies the egg on the fence.

Once she figured out there were chocolate cheerios inside her eggs, Caroline was super excited about the hunt. Here she is squealing with delight when she discovered an egg.

Rylan shows off his full basket.

Both kids digging in to their baskets.

Both kids enthralled with their baskets. I couldn't get both to look at the camera at the same time, so here Rylan is looking up.....

And Caroline cooperated in this one.

Sweetly offering to share a cheerio with Mama.

Such a serious face! Caroline shows me one of her "prizes".

Spring is so windy here in Colorado and Caroline's hair shows it.

Charlton went to the NCAA tournament over Easter, so this was a great time for him to spend with the kids before his trip.

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