Friday, April 23, 2010

Jimmy's birthday party

Rylan's best friend Jimmy is moving to North Dakota next week. His mom, Angie, is also one of my close MOPS friends. We have know for a year this was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier. Since Jimmy turns 3 a few days after they leave, Angie had a party for his close Colorado friends here on Thursday. Between playgroup, church, and MOPS, I think the boys have seen each other almost every week since fall. We are really going to miss them and I am especially glad we had this last chance to play together.

Caroline and Rylan just prior to the major sugar overload!

A great smile from the birthday boy.

Jimmy, Rylan, and Dain, the three play group buddies.

Jimmy playing ski ball. He cracked me up because he would stick his tongue out every time he threw the ball. This is the only picture I could get with his eyes open, too. Evidently playing ski ball takes all his focus and concentration.

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