Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nana's Visit

My mom flew in on Good Friday and spent about six days with us. It was so fun to have her celebrate Easter with our family and have fun together. When she visited us in October, she came down with the H1N1 flu, so having everyone healthy this time made our visit so much more enjoyable. We went to Fox Run Park on Saturday, to the outlet malls on Tuesday, and to the play area at Focus on the Family on Wednesday after we woke up to snow! Not exactly the perfect spring break weather, but I don't think Nana minded too much.
We had some great talks, played Yahtzee by the fire, and watched old home videos of the kids. Also, my sweet mom fixed my bedroom curtains that had been folded in the closet for almost two years. The pocket was too small for my curtain rod and I had no inspiration for fixing them. My mom spent a few hours ripping out the seam and re-sewing it to fit the rod. Now my bedroom looks so much prettier and more "finished."
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Nana with her Colorado grandkids.

Rylan and Nana reading books on her first night here. Since we picked her up just before bedtime, the kids took their baths and wore their pajamas to the airport. Rylan thought that was super fun! During her visit, he kept asking when we had to "give Nana back to the airport." Caroline was a little slow to warm up the first night, but it wasn't long the next morning before she and Nana were great buddies. Nana gave her pony rides on her knee and sang a special song, "Ride that pony", which Caroline loved. The rest of the week, she would say "ride, ride" and beg for us to sing and bounce.

Our egg hunt after naps on Easter Sunday. Nana helps Caroline break into her chocolate cheerios.

Caroline isn't too sure about her giraffe feeding experience. We went to zoo on Nana's last day here because it was the best weather day. It was still cool and breezy, but comfortable in the sunshine. We had a wonderful time and the kids were totally worn out. It was Caroline's first visit since she could walk and it was fun to see her be able to really interact with all the exhibits and activities for the first time. Last year she just had to ride in the stroller most of the time; this summer is going to be much more fun for her.

Some of the incredible views to be found at a zoo built literally on the side of the mountain.

Picnic at the zoo.

Everything is bigger out here in the wild, wild west!

Nana and Caroline try out the giant chair.

Rylan tackling a giant mushroom in the playground.

It was really hard to say good-bye to Nana. My only consolation is that we are planning a drive to KY to see everyone at the end of June. Summer will be here before we know it...

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