Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter morning

This was actually the Saturday before Easter. Rylan had fun dyeing eggs again although it wasn't quite as magical as last year and we still cracked all the eggs.

I saw these adorable pillows on this crafting blog a few weeks ago, but didn't think I could possibly find the time to make them before Easter. On Good Friday, the kids took wonderful long naps and I was able to sew them up. I used ivory fleece and good quality felt for the faces and legs and they turned out so soft and cute.

Easter eve. The baskets are filled with treats and all ready for the morning.

I hadn't built up too much hype about Easter morning, because I wanted Rylan to be able to sleep well the night before. He is definitely old enough to be able to anticipate fun events and the count-down can be exhausting for everyone. He was excited to see his small etch-a-sketch, movie, bouncy balls, kaleidoscope, foam rockets, balls and stickers from Nana. Thanks to Grammy also for Rylan's bat-mobile and Caroline's toy phone. They were a big hit. I am glad we decided to go to the late service for church so we didn't have to rush getting ready, playing with the toys,and eating breakfast.

We had the most beautiful sunny day with temps in the 60's. What a difference from last year which was beautiful also, but snowing like crazy! It really felt like spring and we didn't have to cover our nice Easter clothes with heavy winter coats. We ate a delicious breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, and fruit and headed off to church. Caroline had a runny nose, so I couldn't put her in the nursery and had to walk the halls with her during the sermon, but the worship was great.

It was next to impossible to get a picture of me and both kids on Easter morning. This was our best shot.

A great picture of Nana and Rylan. Caroline wouldn't cooperate. It was so special to have my mom visit, especially to celebrate Easter with us. I will share more pictures and stories from her visit in a later post.

She did smile nicely when she was alone.

Glad she liked her lamb.

The best shot of both kids together all Easter.

Rylan, worn out from all the Easter fun, testing out his pillow.

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