Monday, July 6, 2009

Since you can't be here in person.....

these pictures will just have to do. Mom, I will keep believing that you can come in October and our visit will be just as wonderful then... except these lovely flowers won't be blooming and the trees will be bare. So, since you can't see it in person now, I will do the next best thing and post pictures of my front yard. I have no delusions that it is worthy of "Better Homes and Gardens", but I am proud of it just the same. Enjoy!

My hanging basket of geraniums, vinca vine, and alyssum (which hasn't bloomed much yet.)

A side view of our front porch. It is hard to see, but at the corner is the only iris that bloomed this year. It smelled so lovely and just finished blooming last week.

Our front porch. I am hoping the impatiens will take off in this shady spot.

Standing at the front door looking out.

The daylilies contrast so nicely with the white bark of the cottonwoods.

My daylilies just started blooming today.

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