Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun in the sun...and water

Summer officially arrived in Colorado this week with highs in the high 80's and low 90's each day. We finally broke down and turned on the air conditioner. When we did venture outside, we picked some fun activities that involved water so we could stay cool. On Tuesday, my MOPS group met at the America the Beautiful park downtown to play in the Julie Penrose fountain. The water was very cold, but the sun was beating down so it felt refreshing. Rylan fell down a couple of times, but enjoyed running around in the "stream" at the base of the fountain. On Wednesday, we met a friend at a pool with a splash area for kids. Rylan was cautious at first, but then ventured farther and farther into the deeper water. I never saw him stop smiling! It was very crowded, actually the pool was filled to capacity and we had to wait in a long line to be admitted, but so worth it! One side of the pool had a zero depth entry so I could just sit in the water with Caroline splashing next to me and still keep an eye on Rylan. On Thursday we met friends for story time at the library and then a pinic at another small playground/splash park. Now looking back, we probably over did it with too many activities that week, plus the library always has a way of bringing out the devil in Rylan. We almost had to leave, but for a few moments in between tantrums he actually sat and participated. I was pretty fried mentally and by the time we made it to the park it was super hot with very little shade. We may have to try that one again when everyone is in a better mood, because it really was a great little park. Here are some pictures at America the Beautiful park.

A close-up view of the huge Julie Penrose fountain. Water streams out from the top of the fountain, and flows into a circular stream at the base.

The fountain with the mountains in the background. The circular part of the fountain actually rotates 360 deg., very slowly.

There is a kind of modern/retro playground at the park and Rylan loved this spinning bowl. It tilts slightly, so when he sat in it, he was able to keep it spinning around all by himself.

Running through the stream.

More running.

Rylan humoring me with a somewhat smile, so I could get a picture.

Caroline looks like she was waving goodbye! Poor girl didn't get real morning naps much this week because we were always on the go in the morning, and it was way too exciting to sleep at the park.

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