Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This past week

My sweet little girl, freshly bathed. When I was trying to tame her wild mane of hair, Rylan said to her, "You look like Michael Jackson!" We don't really watch that much TV, usually just PBS kids and the news in the evening. I guess that tells you how much stories about the king of pop dominated the news the past few weeks. There was quite a resemblance, at least in the hair department, although her new-found ability to scream would definitely not sell albums.

I was trying to snap a picture of those two new pearly white teeth, but they just barely show up. We'll keep trying to get a better shot.

My imaginative boy. I am sure you brilliant readers have already figured this out by now, but this bathroom cabinet is actually a car and Rylan is driving himself to preschool. He is naked because he had just gotten out of the bathtub when he felt the urgent need to "drive." Several times a day, he slips upstairs to climb in his "vehicle" often with bear-bear and other various toys. We had been talking about Rylan going to school and the different names for each school he would attend, elementary, middle, high, etc.. I also added that when he was 16, he could learn how to drive the car, something that highly interests him even now. "Yes, mom," he replied, "and then I will drive myself to preschool." Well, hopefully he will have graduated beyond pre-school by the time he is driving!

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