Monday, July 6, 2009

Random summer pictures

Do we have a future entomologist in the family? Rylan is investigating one of the abundant ladybugs in our neighborhood. He is also especially curious about ants which makes taking walks almost impossible now, because we have to stop and investigate one every few paces. Is is a red ant or a black ant? A nice ant or a mean one? It is fun to see the world through a toddler's eyes.

Rylan "fixing" his lawnmower.

Caroline hasn't officially grown out of her infant seat yet, but at 21 lbs., the pain of carrying her around in it outweighs the convenience. Plus she meets the main criteria of being able to sit up by herself in a shopping cart, so a few weeks ago I sadly packed away one more remnant of her babyhood and we installed her cute new "big girl" car seat.

A sweet moment with Charlton reading to both the kids. Caroline is more interested in me and the camera, but Rylan loves Curious George books.

Please don't interrupt, Rylan is having a very important phone conversation with Nana.

The best toys are her brother's toys, Caroline has decided.

Dumping out the toy basket looking for something interesting.

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