Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growing up isn't so much fun...

Rylan seems to think it would be much more fun to be a baby sometimes. These pictures crack me up as Rylan tries to squeeze his 32 lb. two-year old body into the baby equipment. It reminds me of the commercial on TV these days where the parents lost all of their photos of their son as a baby. So, they dress him up in his baby clothes and have him re-enact all those precious milestones, like eating his first solids in a high chair and riding his bike. Only their son is about 8 years old now, bursting out of his clothes, and ridiculously large for the high chair and bicycle as he humors their frantic attempts to re-create history. It is hilarious and kind of sad, too, as I think how I would feel if I had lost all my photos and videos of the kids. Charlton recently burned DVDs of all our movies taken of the kids for Caroline and Rylan's entire life. I loved watching them and remembering things the kids said and did that I had already forgotten. What a treasure, but the real treasures are living with me every day and it reminds me also to enjoy each moment with them as they grow and change so quickly.

Rylan was leaping out of his crib this time last year, now he begs to climb in with his sister.

The bouncy seat. I really thought he would break this one. You can see how low the seat is sagging!

The bumbo seat. The funny thing is that Rylan's thighs are probably about the same size or smaller than they were when he was about 3 months old and sitting in this seat the first time! Except for his long legs, I think he actually fits better now!

This picture actually inspired me to go look for all the others and write this post. A few days ago I caught Rylan holding his chair and circling the jumperoo. He came right out and told me that he was trying to get into the jumperoo. That would have been hilarious to watch, if it wasn't such an accident in the making. So, I relented and actually put him in the jumperoo myself. He was such a ham, giggling and bouncing, and I got a video but accidentally erased it. He is still begging to get back in, so maybe I will let him one more time and try to get a good video.

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