Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Flowers

We had an unusually early spring this year. I think we had only one frost and snow the whole month of March and that is typically our snowiest month. Everything bloomed about 2-3 weeks early, including my tulips. They have always been peaking right about Mother's Day, but this year I had to take our annual tulip photos early. Caroline was not in the mood to pose for me. Even bribery with M&M's could not coax a smile. She ended up with such a grown-up, sultry look on her face!
Rylan looking cool with this pose.
Caroline picked a bouquet of dandelions for me every day. She is just crazy about flowers and loved having a fresh crop of dandelions to "harvest" daily. I also let her pick a few tulips every day. We always had a pretty vase full of flowers on the table. For some reason, Caroline calls the tulips, "tulip fingers". Anytime we went outside we had to stop to kiss them and pet them and talk to the "tulip fingers"!

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