Saturday, May 19, 2012

April, part 2, Nana's visit

My mom came to visit us for her Spring Break in early April.  We had so much fun spending time with her, dyeing Easter eggs, going swimming, visiting Ikea, and hiking in the mountains.
Caroline was delighted to have Nana play princess castle with her.
Nana visited Rylan's preschool on the day they planned their Easter celebration.  She took so many great pictures of Rylan and his classmates and I am so glad she and Rylan got to make this special memory together.   
Rylan, my animal lover.  A volunteer brought this rabbit into class for a special visit.
Dyeing Easter eggs with Mrs. S.  This is such a typical Rylan pose, he is so animated and expressive when he is excited about something.
Rylan playing a catch game with Noah.
On the last day of mom's visit, we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike.  The only other time she had hiked there with us, we later found out she had the swine flu. She was such a trooper, but I wanted her to be able to enjoy it when she was feeling a bit more healthy.  We had a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine, great views, and very little wind. (Rylan decided he wanted to stay in the car for this picture.)
Picnicking at Alberta Falls with my mom, Bethany and the kids.
The kids are doing better all the time with hiking. The trail was so icy in spots it was really tough for us all, but I was proud of how well they perseveered.

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