Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of school picnic

The Tuesday before Memorial Day, Rylan had a class picnic at one of our favorite parks. The kids played games with their classmates, received a special medal and goodbye treat from their teachers, ate a  little lunch, and then just ran wild on the playground.  It was a blast for them to have so much free time with each other and bittersweet to say goodbye to a wonderful year in Rylan's life.

 Caroline looking like she wants to punch somebody, or maybe just mommy who is taking her picture.
 A little happier, playing with bubbles.

 Mrs. Shade helping Rylan get into his sack.

 All sacked up and racing as fast as he can.

 Rylan has been enamored with baseball lately.

 The kids had a turn bouncing on the parachute when the first letter of their name was called.

 Getting a medal and a hug from Mrs. Shade.

 Awww, they do like each other.  Rylan gave Caroline his Nerds and let her wear his medal from his teachers.

Rylan leading a game of chase with the boys.  His pose and expression are so typical of him!

Boys huddling up, making important plans.
 Boys chasing girls!

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