Saturday, May 19, 2012

April, part 3, Grammy's visit

Charlton's mom flew in for a visit on Easter Eve. Holidays with family visiting are so much more special and this was no exception. Rylan and Caroline were so excited to have some more special Grandma time and to see all the fun presents she brought. We were able to get some good pictures together all dressed up on Easter morning.
Grammy treated us with tickets to a Disney on Ice performance. We had amazing seats, neart the center of the arena, just a few rows from the front. The kids were in heaven, getting to see all their favorite characters. Caroline loved the princesses, of course. She even got to see the prince from Mulan, whom she calls "Business" and is quite obsessed with currently. They even had the obscure characters, like Monstro the whale from Pinnochio, one of Rylan's favorites. Both kids were captivated the entire show and it was priceless to see the expressions on their faces. Thanks, Grammy, for the wonderful memories.

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