Thursday, July 7, 2011


On our first morning at the farm, Nana let the kids ride High Hopes and we played with the other horses up by the barn. My kids must have inherited that horse-crazy gene, because they had a blast.

Caroline gets one of the first rides. High Hopes turned 26 this year and is blind in one eye, which makes her a little more skittish in new situations, but she was willing to give a few rides to the kids.

Rylan loved his ride on High Hopes, too. He learned the horses' names and loved petting them.

Caroline really liked Trigger, mom's boarding horse. He didn't actually bite her, but I guess he just wanted a little taste of her sweetness!

Caroline learned a valuable lesson this morning. Full water buckets do not make good chairs. They will actually tip over and drench you if you try to sit on them. On the other hand, the mud puddle created on the barn floor is really fun to play in with your cousins. If you get really good and muddy, then your mom will take your clothes off and then you can climb the fences half-naked.

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