Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grammy's Visit 2011

Charlton's mom visited us on her vacation last week. We had a wonderful time with her. The kids were so excited to pick her up at the airport. She wasn't due to arrive until 8:30, but at 5:00, Rylan decided he couldn't wait any longer and asked if we "could just go get her now." We had skyped with her recently and both kids have longer memories now, so they could remember and anticipate all the joys of Grammy coming to stay with us.

Grammy took us out to Red Robin, Rylan's favorite restaurant, and we tried to get some pictures afterwords. Caroline looked so pretty in the new colorful dress Grammy brought for her. You can't see in the photos, but the outfit included ruffly matching pink sandals, which Caroline thoroughly enjoyed taking on and off all by herself.

Classic Caroline, sucking her thumb while twirling her hair. She looks a lot like her Grammy Clarke!
We watched a few of Rylan's karate classes.

We went to a summer story time organized at a park by our church. This week's theme was "Circus". The tent made a great hide-out!

Caroline swinging with Grammy on a hot day in the park

We had a snack inside the train car and got a kick out of the funny polka dot pattern made by the train's roof. Both Grammy and Rylan had spots!

We had to cool off with popsicles and sunglasses are a must in sunny Colorado.

I wasn't a very good photographer with Grammy, Charlton, and the kids. I think this was about the best shot.

We also spent a morning at the pool, sans photos because we were too busy splashing. On Saturday, Grammy's last morning with us, she and Charlton took the kids to It'z a big indoor amusement/arcade place. The kids had grown so much since winter, the last time they were there, that they were finally tall enough to experience some of the rides. They are both adrenaline junkies, it seems, and had so much fun on the rides.

Thanks for coming to see us Grammy, we had a blast with you!

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