Monday, July 11, 2011

Early 4th of July

My brother James had us over to his house on July 2nd, our last night in Kentucky. He truly has the "party house", a pool table, theatre, and bar in his basement, and a huge fenced backyard with a really cool play set for the kids. We ate Old Chicago pizza, my favorite, and James treated us with our own fireworks show at sunset. Fireworks are illegal in Colorado Springs and last year a hail storm cancelled the show, so I don't think my kids had any idea what to expect. They were not disappointed, at any rate. The boys loved the noise and smoke, and pretty much everything else associated with fireworks.

Aunt Martha made yummy cupcakes for dessert, which were well-enjoyed by Caroline and Christopher.

I think this was Rylan's first experience with sparklers, and thankfully all went well.

James Roland is definitely his father's son!

Caroline liked her sparkler, too.

Poor girl was worn out by all the fun and late bedtimes.

Just had to include a picture of this cutie-pie. Little Christopher was so sweet and calm and looks just like his mama.

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