Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caroline at Little Gym

Next week is Caroline's last class at Little Gym. They have a "show" to demonstrate some things they have learned this semester and each child gets to climb the podium and receives a medal like in the Olympics. Since Rylan's Little Gym show in January was a complete disaster, I decided to get some pictures of Caroline before the "pressure" of the big day. She is usually less anxious than Rylan in new situations, so I am not super worried about a meltdown, but I am glad to have these cute pictures just in case.

The inflatable air mat is super fun for bouncing.

We usually just practice bouncing and catching the balls, but Caroline decided to carry hers on the obstacle course.

Helping to deflate the air trak. The kids roll around and help to push the air out.

The "hanging bars." Caroline usually would sneak out of circle time to grab a quick swing from the bars.

The bubbles are another favorite.

Caroline always flops down on the mat at bubble time and tries to "catch" bubbles with her toes.

We sing a song and shake these bells at the beginning of each class.

Tired girl waiting for her stamps at the end of class.

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