Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Sunday was a wonderful warm, sunny Mother's Day! We went to church in the morning, I got to take a long nap afterwords, we went swimming and ate my favorite pizza, Old Chicago's, for dinner. Charlton and the kids presented me with a lovely bouquet of pink tulips, a sweet card, and let me pick out some new clothes for yoga. It felt like a special treat just to spend time with the whole family together. I am so thankful for them and feel very blessed with two beautiful, healthy, happy children. Thank you to my mama for loving me so well and sacrificially and being a wonderful model of motherhood to me. I also couldn't ask for a more kind and encouraging mother-in-law.

Rylan sharing the love.

I love our annual tradition of taking photos in front of the tulips, but might ought to wait until the sun is higher in the sky and not blinding us!

A little too close for Rylan's comfort?

My sweet and spunky girl with her new haircut. It looks so much neater and is easier to keep tangle-free.

Poor kids blinded by the light.

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